GIS LPM; 400kg; 400V; D8


WLL: 0,25t / 250kg;
According: BGV D8.



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Thanks to the special coating of the casings and the protection class IP65, the chain hoists are perfectly suitable for both mobile and outdoor use. They can be used as a stationary or climbing hoist without modification. When used as a climbing hoist, the chain guide plate ensures the correct running in and out of the chain. The chain hoist is in accordance with BGV D8 as a modular chain hoist for lifting loads. The electrophoretic black coating offers high scratch and UV resistance and thus optimal protection against mechanical wear.With a weight of only 12 kg, the LPM is the lightest among the electrical chain hoists in the entertainment industry. It is modern and compact in design with modular construction. The maintenance-free 3-step drive and the 5-pocket sprocket lead to very quiet running in operation. The slipping clutch is outside the drive train. The phosphate coated and casehardened profile steel load chain enables a chain diameter 7 % smaller than round steel chain with the same load capacity. This allows a more compact design of the drive mechanism, which reduces the weight of the hoist. A real innovation is hidden inside the chain hoist. All shaft-hub connections are built to a polygonal design. This allows significantly faster disassembly and assembly during maintenance and reduces service costs.

Direct Control (without limit switch) or Low Voltage Control (42V);
Model LPM, single reeved;
Aluminium casing and cover;
Profile steel chain;
Dry-running slipping clutch;
Geared limit switch with high postioning accuracy;
Standard voltage: 400V-3Ph-50Hz;
Working load limit: 0,4t;
Classification group: A4: < 63'000 Z (M4; ED 30%);;
Lifting speed: 4m/min;
Standard lifting height: 10m;
Protection class: IP65;
Isolation class F (motor);
Hook suspension.

Approx. 0,8m power cable with 16A CEE plug, 4 pin red;
Approx. 0,8m control cable with CEE plug, 4 pin yellow (LV version);
Chain bag.

Other lifting heights and speeds on request;
On request available with eye bolt suspension;
Also available in 230V-1Ph-50Hz;
Double brake;
Safety hook;
Various accessories available.

Article group:Ent GIS hoists


WLL (t): 0,4

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